Samsung’s NEON as a step towards an AI-assisted world


We all have read books or seen movies depicting a futuristic world with flying cars and personal AI assistants, a post-apocalyptic era where the earth as we know it has been completely transformed into a dystopian tech trash planet. One cannot say much about the flying cars or tech trash world yet, but in an attempt to make science fiction a reality, Samsung’s future factory STAR labs have developed Neon, AI-powered virtual beings that not only look like real humans but also behave like them with emotions and intelligence.

Magnetic Monopoles - Missing Piece of the Symmetry

Divyansh Dewan

This article encompasses a brief about magnetic monopoles & reflects upon how their existence has been predicted, but they haven't been directly observed. It also talks about why we believe they exist, how they are envisioned, how they fit into the larger framework of science, the challenges in finding them & the efforts taken by scientists to observe them.

Heavy metal pollution from road dust is a potential health risk: Warns study

Gunjan Misri

The article illustrates how heavy metal pollution in a developing country like ours severely affects the health of its residents. It is based on a recently published study carried out in Kolkata by a research group in IISER Kolkata’s Department of Earth Science.

It’s no Secretary, it's the Boss!

Sanskruti Biswal and Mukil M

Imagine an eagle, but with the legs of a crane and eyelashes to die for! Confused? This is a short article on the Secretary bird, which unfortunately might disappear from the wilderness even before many have heard of it.

An evolutionary perspective of the COVID19 pandemic

Dakshesh Vasan

Is COVID-19 just one on the list of viral outbreaks that have come and gone? Or is there something at the genetic level of this virus, making this battle more difficult than the others. This article looks at the constant struggle between species, forcing them to evolve, adapt and overcome, and how it played out last year between Homo sapiens and SARS-CoV-2.

Limlo & Noi - Ant Mind

Shubhangi Antil


On Simple Theories of a Complex World

Science is all about offering simple explanations to complicated things. But where does this agenda come from? W.V.O. Quine, one of the most influential philosophers of science in the 20th century, muses on the matter in a short 4-page article.

#WIISER - Women in Science at IISER

Cogito137-The thought capsule, is proud to host a showcase of amazing women, excelling at various STEM fields in IISER.

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Latest one : Dr. Koel Das: Into thoughts and beyond

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