The Art of Teaching: A Student's Perspective

Aditya Dwarkesh

The education system followed in our country is not without flaws. The current mode of online teaching is causing further setbacks to it, by replacing teachers in classrooms with virtual screens at home. In this article, we try to see how, in the face of all these adversities, a teacher may yet retain his significance in the life of the student.

Book Review — Nanoscale: The biggest “small secrets”

Srujana Mohanty

How do labs in our country perform cutting edge research despite financial constraints? Do science and ayurveda go hand in hand? Does scientific innovation crumble under market pressure? Dr. Pankaj Seksharia's ‘Nanoscale’ answers these burning questions and gives us a thorough insight into four of India's leading laboratories.

#WIISER Spotlight | Dr Poonam Thakur: Moving forward, with wisdom from the past

Sowmya S Geetha and Arunita Banerjee

Dr Poonam Thakur, Assistant Professor at IISER Thiruvananthapuram, was fascinated by the intricacies of the Parkinson's Disease during her doctoral research and has decided to delve further into it with her research group now. She spoke to Cogito137 in an email interview, where she talks about the prevailing gender bias in academia and her plans of maintaining an ethical work culture in her lab.

What do scientists really know?

Varun Srivastava

Do the concept of science, and the perception of science disagree? Is science a field that deals with the complete and absolute knowledge of Nature, or should we take scientific ‘breakthroughs’ with a pinch of salt, knowing that it is only valid till it's not? This opinion piece looks at how science in popular culture is at odds with science in reality.

How ‘cool’ is Absolute Zero?

Simli Mishra

Absolute zero is the lowest temperature theoretically possible which is also practically impossible to achieve. It is the temperature which the Universe is tending to in its theoreised eventual heat death. A number of interesting phenomena occur near this temperature which have intrigued scientists for a century, and it also holds the key to future engineering.

Hilbert’s Quarantine Centre: To infinity and beyond!

Debmalya Bandyopadhyay

This article revisits a classic thought experiment in Mathematics. It explores some of the intricacies of countable infinity and how its definition can be used to achieve seemingly impossible results, and contemplates how useful these results may be in the current pandemic.


A major part of striving towards excellence is to recognise, appreciate and learn from other excellent endeavours. This section showcases such work by fellow research institutes and established media houses, in the field of science communication.

Vigyan Prasar is publishing a science magazine in Bangla. The fourth issue has just been published. If you can read Bangla, you might want to explore the current and past issues.

#WIISER - Women in Science at IISER

Cogito137-The thought capsule, is proud to host a showcase of amazing women, excelling at various STEM fields in IISER.

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