Pandemics as paradigm shifts

Looking back at the European Black Plague as an archetype of a pandemic, which ravaged human lives in the 14th century, and drawing parallels to the coronavirus pandemic of the 21st century.

#WIISER Spotlight | Dr. Nisha N. Kannan: Synchronizing work, life and science with time

Dr. Nisha K. Kannan, Assistant Professor, studies 'Chronobiology' in fruit flies, at IISER Thiruvananthapuram. She spoke to Cogito137 over an email interview, where she talks about her tryst with science from an early age to a career in research and how life and society influenced it.

#WIISER Spotlight | Dr. R. S. Swathi : Where there is a will, there is a way

Dr. R. S. Swathi, Associate Professor, is a theoretical chemist at IISER Thiruvananthapuram. She spoke to Cogito137 over an email interview, where she talks of overcoming different hurdles for securing a higher education in basic sciences and a career in scientific research.

#WIISER Spotlight | Dr. Depshikha Jaiswal Nagar: Solving new challenges on her way, through a noxious work environment

Dr. Deepshikha Jaiswal Nagar, Assistant Professor, the only woman faculty in the Department of Physics at IISER Thiruvananthapuram, is a condensed matter physicist. She spoke to Cogito137 over an email interview, where she talks of the gender imbalance in her department, trust issues in academia and importance of bracing new problems and challenges in science.

#WIISER Spotlight | Prof. Sumana Annagiri : With curiosity driven science, towards blue-sky research

Dr. Sumana Annagiri joined IISER Kolkata as an Assistant Professor in October 2008. Her lab studies nest-relocation dynamics in an Indian ant species, trying to understand the strategies and priorities involved in the process.

EGFR Signaling: its multiple roles in the symphonic orchestra of insect development

Living things are machines of a sort, run by complex biochemical and molecular pathways. Read on to know about the functioning of one such pathway that plays a pivotal role in the development of fruit flies.

A Girl in the Tunnel

The advent of digital tools has revolutionized art by increasing possibilities for the ones with creative minds. Read on to find out about a harmonious marriage between mathematics and art.

PhD balance - a students’ initiative for better mental health in academia

Susanna L Harris in an email conversation with Subhayu Bagchi, talks about being a graduate student herself and leading a successful students’ initiative, aiming to provide much needed mental health support to graduate students.

New method of cyanide detection in edibles: devised by ‘The Light Lab’, IISER Kolkata

Researchers from IISER Kolkata have produced a simple and cost-effective method of cyanide detection in food and water. This can potentially bring major transformations in the food industry, especially involving seafood.

The COVID-19 lockdown: Our self-induced psychological experiment?

One-third of the world population is currently living in isolation, under enforced lockdowns.The evolutionarily ‘social’ brain of humans can be massively affected through this. Here’s why this COVID-19 lockdown may be the biggest psychological experiment that mankind has induced upon itself, and how this will affect us.

#WIISER Spotlight | Prof. Jayasri Das Sarma : On training scientific minds and not just hands

Prof. Jayasri Das Sarma, who works on certain coronaviruses which infect mice models, speaks to Cogito in an electronic interview.

No Cheers for Corona!

The COVID-19 outbreak has befallen the human race and has literally put the entire world on a lock-down. While economies are suffering greatly and the pandemic has contributed to an ‘infodemic’, people are still curious about what is all this buzz about. Read on to understand what coronavirus is, why social-distancing is important and why this should be our wake-up call to stop mis-treating the earth any further.

Open Day at IISER Kolkata

News report on the Open Day at IISER Kolkata where IISER Kolkata opens it's gates to communicate science to the public.

The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

Rise of political turmoil across the globe has dampened climate change action-plans, which looked promising till the last year. While humans are busy fighting other humans, the arch-enemy of our kind is gaining strength.

Aerosols - The Main Culprit for Rising Air Pollution over Kolkata

Most Indian metropolitans are infamous for making it to the list of top polluted cities in the world. Scientists at IISER Kolkata have pin-pointed the reason to be aerosols, majorly comprising of Sulphur particles.

Collaborative Science as a Path to the Future

Gone are the days when science used to be a lonesome affair. With increased globalization and emerging interdisciplinary fields, collaborative research is bringing the scientific community closer and also giving rise to mega-projects.

Walking in Königsberg

A story about how Euler gave birth to the graph theory in an attempt to figure out an innovative route, in which a pedestrian would cross each of the seven bridges in the city of Königsberg,only once.

A Scientist's Perspective

Prof. Narayan Banerjee in conversation with Suvadeep Roy, talks about the societal role of science and scientists, simplistic understanding of gravitation and dark matter, the importance of enjoying science and more.