PhD balance - a students’ initiative for better mental health in academia

Subhayu Bagchi in conversation with Susanna L Harris

Susanna L Harris in an email conversation with Subhayu Bagchi, talks about being a graduate student herself and leading a successful students’ initiative, aiming to provide much needed mental health support to graduate students.

The COVID-19 lockdown: Our self-induced psychological experiment?

Arunita Banerjee

One-third of the world population is currently living in isolation, under enforced lockdowns.The evolutionarily ‘social’ brain of humans can be massively affected through this. Here’s why this COVID-19 lockdown may be the biggest psychological experiment that mankind has induced upon itself, and how this will affect us.

No Cheers for Corona!

Diptatanu Das

The COVID-19 outbreak has befallen the human race and has literally put the entire world on a lock-down. While economies are suffering greatly and the pandemic has contributed to an ‘infodemic’, people are still curious about what is all this buzz about. Read on to understand what coronavirus is, why social-distancing is important and why this should be our wake-up call to stop mis-treating the earth any further.

#WIISER Spotlight | Prof. Sumana Annagiri : With curiosity driven science, towards blue-sky research

Vedanth Sriram and Arunita Banerjee

Dr. Sumana Annagiri joined IISER Kolkata as an Assistant Professor in October 2008. Her lab studies nest-relocation dynamics in an Indian ant species, trying to understand the strategies and priorities involved in the process.


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#WIISER - Women in Science at IISER

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