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Cogito137 aims to contribute to the development of scientific temper and awareness among the intelligentsia and the masses. This Forum is an open invitation to one and all for initiating and participating in conversations related to science, society and scientific research in general.

This Forum is moderated by the editorial board of Cogito137. The statements or views expressed in this forum are in the individual capacity of the people involved and not endorsed by Cogito137.

Please go through the guidelines before engaging in conversations.

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Cogito-137 Forum Guidelines

You need to register before you can post/comment or vote. Guests are free to see the ongoing discussions but cannot participate. You can be creative with your username, which is the only information which will show up on your profile. Your email id will not be shared and will only be used when you subscribe to a thread/topic.

1.    The objective is to have a healthy discussion where people can understand opposing viewpoints, rather than outright rejecting them. As such the discussions must be driven by logic, not sentiments. As such, it is also expected that participants would be rational enough to acknowledge opposing viewpoints if they have logically triumphed.

2.    If the point made is not factual but rather opinion driven, then mention at the very beginning using a [OP].

3.    If any factual claims are being made, then it is necessary to provide a source as a link upon demand. Any participant can demand for the source at which point if the person who has made the claim fails to do so within 48 hours, the post will be removed. The source can be asked for any claim made in any argument (point, counter, clarification or support).

4.    Ad hominem is banned. Any person found addressing anyone in less than respectful fashion would be banned from the discussion effective immediately. Multiple violations would result in a permanent ban from the Forum itself. This point is non-negotiable.

5.    Moderators and Cogito137 would have the option to “comment” on any argument (point, counter, clarification or support) which would be done to state violations of rules and request editing of the argument, if so required. An argument still in violation of the rules, 72 hours after moderator interjection, would be removed immediately.


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