Women In Science

  Carrying forward the theme for National Science Day 2020 — ‘Women in Science’, IISER Kolkata is launching #WIISER — to recognise and appreciate the women scientists at IISER. (See note below)

  Cogito, the science communication magazine of IISER Kolkata, is happy to coordinate and facilitate the publication of this web-series. This will be a series of interviews of the women scientists in our institute, published at regular intervals throughout the year. These interviews, conducted by a small team of students from our institute, will be released in order of seniority, on the official website of Cogito.

  The low representation of women at advanced levels of academia and other fields, has been a topic of discussion for very long now. While there is a well perceived acknowledgement of the situation by all, initiatives to attain a balance are few. #WIISER is a celebration of the contributions of women scientists to scientific research and an initiative to amplify their voices.

  Cogito137-The thought capsule, is proud to host this showcase of amazing women, excelling at various STEM fields in IISER Kolkata. Follow scicomm.iiserkol.ac.in for regular updates on #WIISER.

1. The series was launched with only IISER Kolkata faculty in mind. We are now pleased to expand it to all IISERs.
2. If you are a student of any IISER other than Kolkata, and are interested in conducting an interview for #WIISER, please drop us an email at scicomm@iiserkol.ac.in

#WIISER Spotlights


NB: Inclusion of profiles were subject to consent (or lack of objection) by the individual faculty members.

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